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I'm feeling very dissapointed.

Tori's just called and she's ill. I went to pick her up and I'm babying her.

The reason I'm dissapointed, is because, she is devastated that she cannot have her playdate tomorrow with Ava.

We'd been planning this for a week, and Tori is in tears and Ava will be very dissapointed as well.

I am so sad for her.

Most of my cleaning is on hold until tomorrow...

I'm no longer going to make the Cornish Game Hens tonight.

Chances are...she'll get me sick just in time for my birthday on Wednesday.


Oh...and Cornish game hen

I need to come up with a side dish for an herb roasted cornish game hen. 

Anyone have any suggestions to compliment the game hen?


So yesterday I didn't go to the gym, I felt bad about it all day long. I really thought I should rest and I did. I did go to open house, did some housework, laid on the couch and watched Sex and the City movie, went grocery shopping and then later on went shopping for myself. I bought myself a white button up blouse, a pair of houndstooth slacks, a pair of textured black and white (grey) slacks, and a nice sweater. I almost bought an argyle sweater vest but I decided not to for some reason. I think I might go back and get it sometime soon.

Today, I woke up and did the usual. I went to the gym because I couldn't stand a day not going again. Yesterday I ate a whopping 1515 calories. :( That's like the most I've eaten in MONTHS. I felt like such a pig. UGH! I HAD to go to the gym to work off that freaking 1515 calories. That's just horrible. So, I decided, no weights today. That is how I hurt myself, that and the lower ab workout with the reverse crunches. I'm not positive how I hurt my knee, but I think it's safe to say it was the weights. My plan was to go in and do about 50 minutes - 1 hour on cardio. I started with the exercise bike. I did 30 minutes fairly easily at a fast pace, but my knee was KILLING me. I got off of it limping a little. So I walked to the eliptical hoping that it might be a little less stress on my knee...HAHA...nope. I got through 10 minutes before the pain receptors started screaming at me. I decided it was time to stop.

40 minutes cardio for 1 day isn't THAT bad is it? It will have to do, I'm not willing to push it any harder! I was told I should rest my body 2 days in order to heal myself, but thats what the weekend is for. If I didn't go today, that would have been 4 straight days no gym, because of yesterday skipping and tomorrow and the next day being the weekend where I have to be there for Tori.

Tori has a playdate tomorrow. I'm excited. That means that I have to do my weekly big clean on Friday (today)...During the week, I will clean the house...like spotclean. On Saturdays are my big cleaning days where I spend the whole day purifying the house. Well, not this Saturday because Ava is coming over. Today is my big clean day, it's already 10:45 am and I haven't started yet. My weekly todo list is behind :( 

I got a lot accomplished this week, but I haven't done it all. I feel guilty about it. I would have gotten more done if it wasn't for this stupid knee and back thing. When I'm driving...pushing on the clutch is pretty excruciating! It's HORRIBLE!

I just got my endorphins. I'm pretty awake right now and I'm sure I can get through the whole house cleaning after I grab something to eat.

My to do list, which I was supposed to get done throughout the week mostly and saving the big cleaning till today, well...I'm just going to write down my list here so I feel more accountable.

My left over weekly to do list for Sept 1st- Sept 7 (although I try and get done by the Friday/Saturday time and Sunday to rest.):

-Help clean up Tori's room.
-Clean upstairs bathroom/mop.
-Mop all of downstairs hardwood flooring and linoleum.
-Vacuum Upstairs hallway.
-Vacuum Tori's room.
-Dust House.
-Clear off waterfall table.
-Secure Tori's Canopy.
-Secure Tori's Petnet.
-Work on organizing the upstairs storage closet better.
-Organize downstairs closet.
-Take in Dry Cleaning.
-Organize kitchen cupboards better.
-Organize old dining room/craft room.
-Organize family room.
-Go shopping for Tori/Ava playdate tomorrow.
-Plan out playdate entirely.

Thats my list for today (was supposed to get most done during the week). I did a lot of the cleaning already so I'm okay for most of it this week. But this is the rest of my day. I think I will check back and cross things out as I finish.

I'm going to grab something to nibble on and then get to work, my endorphins REALLY just kicked in, so I'm energetic.


I'm hurting badly.


Tori went on a playdate today. She woke up 3 hours before my alarm and got ready, ate breakfast, brushed her hair and teeth, made something for her friend Ava and watched cartoons for a while. I woke up and saw her scurry by my room and then peek out by the stairs. So I waved to her and she smiled and came in and hugged me. She looked so cute in her lil outfit. So, being a thoughtful guest, we gathered a little goodie bag to bring to Ava to thank her for allowing Tori to come over. She wrote a note and everything and I put special stickers on the little bag and on the note. She was so thrilled.

We got to Ava's house and it's really big. I was like WOW...the stuff they have in their house, it's so ecclectic. They have a full sized King Tut coffin standing up, really odd but cool. Their house was just very random and I liked it because they looked very comfortable there. Ava was SOO happy to see Tori. They hugged eachother tightly and said that they were going to have lots of fun and they made a cinnamon roll for Tori, which made Tori smile. It was sweet. They were going to make mini pizzas on english muffins. SO cute!

I told Ava's mom that I would take them next time and we would have a most excellent time. I think I would probably make bento boxes for the girls, some fruit skewers and maybe some popcorn.

I think if we finish what I'd like to around the house, I borrowed an organizational book from the library, so I'm organizing EVERYTHING. LOL.

It's enjoyable. I'm in a great mood.

While Tori was at the playdate, I went to the gym. YEY! It was exciting because Monday is a holiday and I couldn't go Saturday...(Saturday I just did a lot of housework...organizing and spot cleaning.) So, Monday I can't go this week because they do not allow me to bring her with me, so Today was my day 1 of the week working out. Incase you haven't caught in the other posts, I work out 5 days a week.

So, I did the eliptical, then moved onto the exercise bike for a total of 50 minutes of HARD cardio. (seriously, I come home dripping with sweat...pretty huh?) It feels amazing. Then I continue to do about 30-45 mins of weights. Today it was 45 minutes, I figured I have the time and Tori is having fun, why not go longer?  Anyhow...I did my weights, and then I decided to try this device i've been fearing for a while. It works your lower abs, but its not mechanical. You lay down on it, and point your legs out, and then raise your legs or your legs and torso and point your butt upwards. It's intense. I'm going to design a plan and test it as a NON surgical tummy tuck, and then I will use that as part of the workout plan I give out when I become a personal trainer.

WTF did I just say?!?!?  Yep!!! I've been told that my story is very inspiring. To do what i've done, to get into amazing shape with no help from anyone or anything except my own inner will power and strength. I am powerful. I can do anything.

So, I have thought that I'd like to go into nutrition and personal training. I mean, yes I know I've been stupid with nutrition as far as going through times where i didnt wanna eat, but knowing all I know about calories, fat and protien and whatnot, I am confident I could teach anyone to deal with it and I could make anyone thin and muscular/athletic with enough time.

So, tomorrow we are going to finish the organization, hopefully. I want everything in it's place, and if it doesnt have a place, it gets thrown out.
Anyway, I just ate a roasted chicken sandwich. Gave me a bit of my energy back. I'm going to talk to someone for a few and then take a shower cause I'm sweaty lol. Mmm pretty huh?


Oh oh oh...nm i will write it later...it was a big deal, happened last night.



Ever have sooooooo much energy that you can't stop working out?

That's what happened to me today.

I was at the gym, I go 5 times per week...I usually do 45 mins heavy cardio/fatburn (ooh yea baby) and 30 or so minutes of weights.

Well, today, i DID NOT WANT TO STOP!

I had done the eliptical and then the exercise bike and I noticed that it was cooldown time already (which I never do :P) and I tried maxing the minutes and could only max it by 5 mins...so I'm kinda frustrated cause I could go for another half an hour or so, endless fountain of energies...anyhow I call one of the guys over (he's a personal trainer) and I'm like can you tell me within 3 minutes how to make it go for longer? He tries and tells me I'd have to start it over, but keeping track of distance/calories and all that would be too hard for my simple mind to remember, so he's like "You've been here a while already, you aren't done with cardio?"  I said... "No I have a TON of energy today and I wanna keep going" and he's like well "you really don't need to work out that long in a day" so I got off the bike and I headed towards the weights and he said, how much weight are you putting on the machines/how many reps...I said sometimes 55ish sometimes more, and he told me that I shouldn't put SOO much weight, he asked how many reps I do and I said that I don't count, I just go until my muscles fail. LOL!

He looked at me and smiled because he knows I'm very much into working out.

So we talked about targeting different areas, because I'll be honest I'm really trying to repair some areas. I was talking to the female trainer, she calls me an inspiration to lose so much weight over time naturally and healthy and keep it off. :) that made me feel good and also made me want to become a personal trainer. I could totally do it. I LOVE working out, I look forward to it. I'm actually sad that Tori has a day off on Monday for the simple fact that I cannot take her with me :(

All I had today was a hardboiled egg and it's getting later in the day. Tori is off of school in a few minutes. I kinda wish I was more hungry. Maybe I will try and eat some carrot sticks and see if it makes me hungrier.

I also had posted this to myspace...so these are some of the results I got.

Angelo- "I'm going to take it to the pawn shop"

Hagen- "I'm gonna tie it down because it keeps shifting whenever I go around a corner to fast ;)"

Angel (different from Angelo lol)-  "Get you lump drunk off my hump?..Do I get cupcakes now??? "

Ka- "junk in the trunk? lol"

Andrew-  "Harvest it for poor kids to use as lip collagen. "

The winner is Hagen.
Runners up is Andrew.

Thanks for playing!!! :D

I have a question...

Whatcha gonna do with all that junk? All the junk inside that trunk?

Best answer gets 10 cupcake points.


Well, Angelo is producing my cookbook.

I gave him some of my personal and most special and secret recipes a while back. 

I can't wait to see it published. 

I have to take pictures of some of the things, which means, I have to cook a lot this friday/weekend to go into the book.

I'm nervous to see the results. The type of recipes are spanish. It's going to be called, "MĀS MUNCHIES, POR FAVOR!" 

The book is dedicated to me, He designed it, and is producing it. I have a copy in PDF form, but from what I understand it's changed a little since I've seen it last.

This is UBER exciting. :)



Why would a person only have 4 Minutes to save the world? ...and furthermore, Why aren't Madonna and Justin Timberlake doing more to save the world, especially if they only have 4 Minutes...I don't know that I'd be dancing around and shaking my ass while the time was ticking down. And, what is Timbaland doing to help out? Absolutely nothing at all!!! I mean he keeps saying "Only got 4 minutes"...why isn't he freaking out at least or yelling at Madonna and JT to actually do something about it, he keeps saying 4 Minutes even like at the end of the song, wouldn't that be inaccurate? AND...HOW COME MADONNA AND JT ARE THE ONES DESIGNATED TO SAVE THE WORLD??????

If someone knows, please tell me it makes it hard to relax when I don't know.