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So I'm starting my training...to be a personal trainer on October 1st. I'm very excited! :D

I've been working out so hard that this last weekend I had to rest 2 days because certain people were kind of worried about my health for some odd reason. :/

I'm not overdoing it, I just love doing it.

I went for about 2 hours today and I could have done another hour but just of full cardio. I have so much energy.

I've been having some panic attacks lately, I'm just trying to do things to help them. It would be nice to just feel better and not be bothered by anything at all. I thought I had that, apparently that's not the case anymore.
I'm tired of disturbing things being brought up into my head, i'm tired of the past that keeps popping up at times when I've made some good progress.

When I brought Tori to school today, in her line is a boy...I talk with his mother often...well when the girls were going in, I said okay looks like it's gym time. He looked up at me and said "I can tell you like the gym a lot"...um...I've never mentioned the gym around him.

So I'm starting to think about it, the only way he could know about it is from his mom. Then I start thinking...hmm...what is she saying about me? And why about the gym? Is she poking fun of me? Yea I know I go to the gym a lot, I work out a lot in general.

I'm pretty concerned with being a health nut, It's a whole lot better than the alternative!

If someone is poking fun of me for that, it seems kinda silly. I'm not going to jump to conclusions, but whatever.

I need to do something productive.