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The ball has been dropped with me, people were supposed to give me important information and no one has the whole time I've been in this wretched place. I'm sick of being here first off. Second, I like the gym. That's the only redeeming thing about this place. The sooner I can leave the better. I've just had it. Things are so complicated and confusing...it's like there are so many productions being made about the littlest things. I have no assistance or help at all, it's just UGHHHHHHHHHHH!

Things in my personal life are good, I'm starting training to be a physical trainer on Oct. 1st, I've fixed my diet so I'm eating whole foods in small quantities instead of eating nothing or next to nothing.

UGH! I'm just so damn irritated by people and how you cannot rely on them, no one is there for you, I mean truly...no one really is. Just yourself. I'm the only one there for me helping myself out. People can't see through their own garbage to even assist someone who needs it. It's infuriating.

I'm tired of situations and things...I am ready for some assistance.