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My birthday came and went. It was lonely and stuff. I didn't feel well. I haven't been feeling right for about a week and a half, some people are telling me that it's due to lack of food and too much exercise, so I started eating a little bit more.

I got some very nice presents on my birthday. Still hiding out a bit.

I worked out today, cleaned a lot, organized my outside storage closet (big accomplishment)...Right now I have been cleaning my bento supplies. Ava is coming over tomorrow for a playdate with Tori. Ava envy's Tori's bentos. So, I'll be making one for her as well. I also got them supplies to make ice cream sundaes. They can create their own. It will be fun for them.

I was planning on laying down and watching tv or movies the rest of the night, but I need to get some work done before tomorrow if we are having guests over. I'd like to mop everything this evening, get the bentos made, spot clean both bathrooms, vacuum hallway, vacuum Tori's room and maybe a load of laundry. Tori is cleaning up her room like crazy. They are doing the bulk trash this week. Basically they give you a place to dump random large trash and stuff you dont want at a central location for about a week. Then they come pick it up and you have more room. I love that everyone does that. It makes it very easy to get stuff out and not have to drive it all the way to the dump. I've got more to do, so I wont ramble on today, but hopefully I will feel better soon. I can mostly feel it in my head it makes my head foggy, confused and my body feels weak.

W has called me a couple times and left messages. I'm not ready to respond yet. Not after the way she treated me, not after her making me bawl my head off and not after I only ended up sleeping 4 hours that night because I was disturbed by it all. I honestly don't think she even knows just how rude she was and how much she hurt me. I didn't deserve that. At all. I have bad days too, I don't take it out on people abusively. Oh well. I'm not ready to deal with it yet. I've got enough going on in my world at the moment.

I'm tired. I orginally told Tori no to having Ava over this weekend because I have stuff to do and I wanted to rest, but they cornered me today and I felt bad, so I ended up saying yes. :P

Bah. Gotta go back to work now.


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Sep. 15th, 2008 07:42 pm (UTC)
Happy Bathday! sorry its late :D you are catching up with me now.. we are a year apart! The older you get the more your brains fall out.. its a fact.
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