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So Although I'm not feeling well, I've decided that I'm not about to sit around and be lazy.
So, I slept in late. Oh well. I took 2 Advil PM last night because I was sore and I wanted to sleep a lot.
I slept in, was naturally awake at 9 am, but I closed my eyes again and forced myself to sleep. The doorbell ringing woke me up. It was 11 am. LOL I know right? Anyway they were kids asking to mow the lawn for me for payment. The lawn was mowed last weekend, and it hasn't grown much so I just said No thanks or whatever I say when I'm groggy and sick. I hope I didn't come off rude. Anyhow, I am sick of feeling under the weather, and I refuse to act sick. I'd rather just suck it up and be productive. So I've copied over my to do list from the last week, although I did a lot that isn't on here crossed off because I decided that it wouldn't write it down because it's done and over with, but I carried some crossed off things over from yesterday to make the list look smaller now. hehe.

I think I'm going to start downstairs and work my way upstairs. This stuff shouldn't take that long.
I'm going to have lunch first though. I can't be expected to work my behind off on no food. I'd like to get some cardio today since I cannot go to the gym, it being a weekend and all...So maybe I will do a little something after I finish my work.

-Shop Vac all of downstairs.
-Clean upstairs bathroom/mop.
-Mop all of downstairs hardwood flooring and linoleum.
-Vacuum Upstairs hallway.
-Take out trash and recycling.
-Bring in Recycling bin.
-Dust House.
-Clear off waterfall table.
-Secure Tori's Canopy.
-Secure Tori's Petnet.
-Work on organizing the upstairs storage closet better.
-Organize downstairs closet.
-Take in Dry Cleaning.
-Organize kitchen cupboards better.
-Organize old dining room/craft room.
-Organize family room.
-Manicures and Pedicures for Tori and I.

Things postponed:
-Help clean up Tori's room
-Vacuum Tori's room.
-Go shopping for Tori/Ava playdate tomorrow.
-Plan out playdate entirely.